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Dan, Martha and Xun, Dec 2016

Feb 2014

Grover Group Party, June 2016

Feb 2014

Farewell to Andres, February 2014

Feb 2014

Dr. Andres and Grover group, March 2012

Grover Group March 2012


Georgia Tech ChBE Systems Group, May 2011

GT ChBE Systems Group

Celebration for Aparna, January 2010


Paul's send-off, September 2008


Paul's defense, August 2008

PASI in Argentina, August 2008


PASI in Argentina, August 2008

Andres with Ignacio Grossmann

Martha and Andres with Pilar Leon

4/23/2008: Rentian Xiong's commencement ceremony

Martha and Teddy after commencement

Rentian Graduation

Meg, Natsume, Martha and Teddy

Rentian Graduation

10/26/2007: After Cihan's thesis defense

Committee: Martha, Jay Lee, Dennis Hess, Cihan

Martha and Dr. Cihan

Martha Grover, Cihan Oguz, Cerag Dilek, Paul Wissmann, Aparna Boddapati, Jonathan Rawlston, Andres Hernandez Morano, Rentian Xiong




5/6/2007: Baby shower at Martha's place. From left: Andres, Jonathan, Rentian, Paul, Cihan

5/6/2007: From left: Christine, Cihan's mom Ulku, Martha, Andres, Rentian's wife Meg, Rentian

5/6/2007: Rentian and Meg opening the gifts