Positions Available

PhD Students

The Grover Group is recruiting four new PhD students from the incoming Fall 2024 class in the areas of polymer informatics, pharmaceutical manufacturing, nuclear waste immobilization, and nuclear separations. Feel free to reach out to Professor Grover at any time to discuss more details: martha.grover@chbe.gatech.edu.

Postdoctoral Researcher

A position is available for a postdoctoral researcher at Georgia Tech in the area of flow chemistry and in-situ spectroscopy for nuclear separations. The postdoc will model, design, build, and operate a flow system for separating americium from other actinide and lanthanide species. The separation process will utilize ligand design and phase separation, with applications to nuclear security and nuclear fuel recycling. The postdoc will work in a highly interdisciplinary and collaborative research environment with engineers and chemists.
Please see The NNSA Transuranic Chemistry Center of Research Excellence, trucore.dudasites.com, for details.

The candidate should have a PhD in chemical engineering, chemistry, nuclear engineering, or a related discipline. The candidate should also have experience working (1) in an experimental setting and (2) with quantitative methods such as mathematical modeling and computer programming. The candidate must be a strong group citizen and take a keen interest in the training of other group members and the successful completion of key operations of the group. Strong candidates will exhibit significant understanding, motivation, and an ability to originate, carry out, and publish significant original research in collaboration with their mentors. This position is funded by the Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) and requires US citizenship or permanent resident status. This program is tightly coupled to US National Laboratories and an interest in eventual employment at a US National Lab is desirable.

Interested candidates should send a cover letter, curriculum vitae, and list of three references to Professor Martha Grover at martha.grover@chbe.gatech.edu. The position will remain open until it is filled.

Undergraduate Researcher

Undergraduate students interested in research may contact Professor Martha Grover at martha.grover@chbe.gatech.edu regarding research for technical elective credit. Expectations are posted here.

Current research in the Grover Lab

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